Our Clients

Our clients come from businesses of all sizes around the world – from a small business to a global aviation company. They are usually a little different in that they play by their own rules and never settle for average. They are driven by a deeper sense of purpose and refuse to be just another company in a crowded market. Few of the list includes: 

  1. Air Nigeria
  2. Air First (Nig Ltd)
  3. B.U.A
  4. Bristow Helicopters
  5. ChurchHill(SGV)
  6. Dana Airline limited
  7. DTD Services
  8. Discovery Handling Company (M Dara)
  9. Evergreen Apple Nigeria
  10. Executive Jets
  11. ExecutiveJet Aviation Group
  12. IRS Airline
  13. OMNI Aviaciao
  14. Skybird Air
  15. Sourther Air
  16. Topbrass Aviation
  17. Triton Aviation
  18. UBA
  19. Visajet
  20. Landover aviation
  21. Lewis Cooper INT Aviation
  22. Prime Air
  23. Hanger 8
  24. IZY Air
  25. EasyJet Aviation
  26. Max Air